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Creative ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Creative ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Do you want your small bathroom to look bigger? Lack of space, limited natural lighting, and the struggle to fit in various fixtures can make a small bathroom a challenging space. However, some minor yet intelligent changes can make the room look brighter and way more spacious. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks on it.

These amazing small bathroom ideas will help you make the most out of your available space and are proof that a little trick when done right can make a huge change in even the tiniest space.

Install a larger mirror

Mirrors are perfect for adding the illusion of more space in small bathrooms. Besides that, they also help reflect more light. Consider increasing the size of your mirror. Super big mirrors, up to 5 feet long and 3 feet wide, can easily be installed with a cordless drill and some screws. Doing it yourself will help you save some money. Moreover, you should opt for a frameless mirror as it adds a feeling of more space. Also, make sure you look for tarnish-resistant coating to protect the mirror from extreme moisture.

Increase natural light

If more light favors small bathrooms, then natural light can do wonders. See if the windows and skylights that can provide natural light are painted or covered with curtains. In case if the windows are dirty, make sure you clean them as it’s an easy and inexpensive way of allowing natural light into your space. The moss on skylights can be cleaned with the help of warm water and a good detergent.

Go airy with white on white

One of the best ways to make your small bathroom look big is by using a lot of white. White paint, a white vanity, white fixtures, white tiles, and more. White color naturally makes the room look spacious. The best thing about white is that it reflects light rather than absorbing it. Additionally, white finishes can make any space look airy, and this is especially true for a bathroom.

Go easy on decorations

Although a small bathroom can look beautiful with the help of various decorative accessories such as small rugs and artwork, if left untamed, it can lead to a serious mess. Consider eliminating extra items from your bathroom. Removing clutter will cost you nothing and its effect is immediate. Instead of putting multiple items, chose one of each. Get rid of all the items that have no functional value. However, if there is something you cannot bear parting with, move it to another room.

Use a floating vanity

In a small bathroom area, it can be difficult to manage both the storage space and the place to breathe. A floating vanity is a perfect solution to this problem. Besides giving you enough space to store your bathroom essentials, the flooring underneath makes the area look spacious. In a small bathroom, having a little more space to make your feet comfortable can make a huge difference.

Use similar materials throughout the bathroom

A huge variety of dissimilar materials can make the entire bathroom look and feel chaotic. You will feel the bathroom is cramped and busy all the time. Here is an example of dissimilarity of materials in a bathroom: Say you have a marble tile on the floor, ceramic tile in the shower area, glass tile wainscoting, painted drywall, and more. Make sure you tone down this visual noise by switching to similar materials. You can always remove the ceramic tile countertop and replace it with a quartz countertop to make it match the shower or tub. Costs of this type of change can be a little expensive but in the end, it will be worth it. This will not only make your space look bigger, but will also add high resale value to your home.

Less is more

Ask yourself, do you really need all of that storage area? If no, then replace your big vanity with a smaller one to leave more open space. Getting rid of a big unit will leave a little more space that will make the area look less suffocated and roomier. Plus, if your tub or toilet is close to the vanity, you’ll appreciate this decision even more.

Use a glass panel

Another great way to increase the space of your small bathroom is by replacing your shower curtains with a glass door or panel. A shower curtain acts as a visual wall even when it is drawn open. A glass panel will make the entire square footage of the room visible, hence making space look bigger. However, if you are concerned about your privacy, you can use a frosted or tinted glass panel which will make you feel less claustrophobic by letting the light filter in. If you are planning a complete renovation for your bathroom, it is best that you remove the tub and install a shower stall instead. This will remove a lot of bulk and shower stalls are easier to get in and out of as well.

Free up space with wall lights

Adding lamps in a bathroom not only takes up all the space but is also a very dangerous thing to do. However, you can use wall space creatively. You can free up a lot of space by having one bright bulb as it will do the job and will make the room look bigger.

Go big with tiles

Many people think that a small bathroom will need smaller tiles, but they are wrong. When it comes to small bathrooms, bigger tiles are better. Smaller tiles mean more tiles and more grout lines. This will make space look stuffed and grid-like. Wider tiles will make the space look roomy, especially if you opt for lighter colors. Go big with the tiles and create an illusion of a bigger space.

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