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Creative ways to elevate a basic bathroom

Creative ways to elevate a basic bathroom

Elevating a basic bathroom doesn’t mean you have to break a bank for it. By simply working on a few elements, you can lift the feel and entire look of a basic bathroom and make the space look luxurious. Here are a few ideas that can help you turn a basic bathroom into a more stylish room.

Focus on finishes

If you want to add depth to a basic bathroom, make sure you work on the texture as it is easy to add in the bathroom. Try to bring various materials into the bathroom. For example, you can add a wooden vanity, uniquely patterned flooring, or the shower tile. In case you want to add some more layers of textures, you can always opt for a gorgeous wooden trim, metal basket, or shiny chrome hardware.

Give it some metal

You can take a basic bathroom to another level by adding hardware and fixtures with a metallic finish. Bringing that charm in a bathroom is not that difficult anymore. Copper and brass are popular to bring that style you are craving. But remember, when you are trying to bring this look to your space, less is more. Don’t introduce too much and stick to the same metal throughout the bathroom.

Play with pattern

Plain white tiles are not only elegant and practical, but they are also a cost-effective option. However, there are certain ways that can be used to make them look more interesting. Ask the professional to lay the tiles in a unique pattern and not just the regular brick bond formations. Consider adding long white tiles in a herringbone pattern as it will surely give your space a designer look.

Showcase your bathtub

One thing that is sure to elevate a basic bathroom is definitely a tub. Add a freestanding bathtub and see how space suddenly levels up. The design of the bathtub will depend on the style of the space. If you have a contemporary bathroom, it can work with numerous modern freestanding designs. Plus, you can get attention grabbing backdrop to your tub by adding a bold graphic tile on the walls and floor of the room.

Restore and refine

Make your bathroom look more classy and beautiful by adding the repurposed vintage pieces you already have in your storage. If you don’t have a bathroom vanity and wall cabinet, that’s not a problem. See if you have a spare wooden sideboard and a shelving unit, as together with some gorgeous lights and artwork, you can create a chic bathroom space.

Smarten up storage

There is no doubt that freestanding cabinets and wall shelves are great for bathroom storage, but you can always opt for custom cabinetry for something new and to add extra dimension. Look if your bathroom has any unused areas where you could fit customized storage to make it look beautifully designed. You can hire a carpenter to make both practical and attractive shelves.

Get glowing

Choosing the right lighting design for your bathroom can turn a basic bathroom into something really special. For perfect lighting in your bathroom, you can combine overhead spotlights with LED lights. You can also consider adding warm lighting near the sink and recessed ceiling lighting. Good lighting can make a huge difference.

Be radical

Consider adding something impactful in a basic bathroom, for example, a heated towel rack can make the space look extra nice. Suppose if you have a simple and practical white bathroom, you can give it a boost by adding touches of black. A black heated rack will be a wonderful addition to your space.

Add plants

Do you have a boring bathroom? No problem! Plants can help brighten up a boring space. Not only do they add beautiful colors to the room but also freshen up the stale air and lift the spirits. The low-maintenance beauties like a spider plant, aspidistra, and mother-in-law’s tongue can thrive well in a typical bathroom environment. Moreover, you can change the settings of the plants now and then to give your bathroom a new look.

Add a reclaimed wooden wall

There was a time when making a DIY wooden wall required a lot of time, powerful tools, and expertise. But now, all thanks to the technology and YouTube videos, every other décor loving person can quickly create a wood accent wall. All you need to do is watch a tutorial carefully, have some tools that are easily available at reasonable prices, and of course, you need some wood and there you go! You are all set to rock your space.

Use removable wallpaper

Just by adding removable wallpaper, you can make your bathroom look super gorgeous. When it comes to removable wallpapers, there are so many options available nowadays. With the right removable wallpaper, your space can get a glam new look. Plus, you can also add new cabinet knobs and a beautiful gold faucet to your current vanity.

Add peel and stick mirror frame

If you have an unframed mirror, you can spruce it up with a peel and stick frame. After adding the frame, you can decorate it with lovely artwork. It is an excellent and inexpensive way to freshen up the décor in your basic bathroom.

Replace your bath mat

A dirty or an old bath mat can make your bathroom look unkempt. If you have a tired bath mat, you need to replace it immediately. You can give your simple bathroom a stylish look by replacing cloth mats with Turkish and Persian rugs. These stunning wool rugs are super soft and a great substitute for a bath mat. Their beautiful patterns and colors get even better when they fade, as they can add so much glam to your bathroom.

Incorporate unexpected pops of color

Are you looking for a cheap yet cheerful way to dress up a boring bathroom? Incorporate pops of color. You can change the color of the metal toilet paper holder with spray paint. But don’t just stop there! You can also paint your towel bars, bathroom radiator, and even trash can.

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