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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Choosing the right bathroom vanity has countless benefits. Not only can it completely redevelop your space without the need for complete remodeling, but it can also be a gateway to additional storage and even allow for a modern yet contemporary outlook. If you are new to this, let us help you choose the perfect bathroom vanity for your home!

Think About the Size of your bathroom

One of the first things to think about when choosing the perfect vanity is to think about what will be appropriate and adequate in size. For instance, are you replacing your old furniture because it is too small? Are you planning to install a new box in a small powder room and need to find something small enough to fit? While the standard widths of vanity cabinets are 24”, 30”, and 60”, you may find some sizes in between, from 14 inches to more than 72 inches. At EZ Vanities, we have quality products which can make your small space look wider and more furnished. Be sure to check our products in the product section.

Adjust Your Space with Modern Bathroom Vanities

Once you decide the ideal vanity size, you should ensure that you have enough space around any open doors, shower stalls, and drawers, as nothing is worse than installing a large new box and not being able to open the bathroom door all the way. We always suggest selecting a stylish and elegant bathroom vanity style which can make your bathroom look bigger and more adjustable. For that, our team is always available to assist and guide you.

What Style of Bathroom Vanity Should You Consider Getting?

We always suggest to our clients to select a bathroom vanity unit which sits well in your space and has space for fresh air. Therefore, your bathroom should provide a great amount of storage for your items. We have a wide range of Double Vanities, Single Vanities, Freestanding Vanities, and Wall Mount Vanities. The product range will not only make your space look modern but it will put you in a good mood every single time you use your powder room. Also, adding colors in your bathroom vanity plays an important role along with storage and space.

Before you select your bathroom vanity, you must consider the space available in your bathroom and choose an appropriately sized vanity. Consider plumbing requirements in your bathroom and choose a separate or wall-mounted sink accordingly. Finally, make sure to choose a vanity that fits the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Furthermore, for top-notch quality and largest range of vanity collection, you can check our product section where you can find alluring vanities that will make your bathroom look perfect!

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