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Best bathroom renovation trends to look out for in 2021

Best bathroom renovation trends to look out for in 2021

Whether you are planning to renovate your existing bathroom or are planning to build a new home from scratch, it is good to stay up to date on all the latest bathroom trends. The bathroom is more than just another room; it is a personal sanctuary that helps you start your day. Listed below are some bathroom remodeling trends that will give your space a stylish touch.

One material for the entire room

Using one material throughout the entire bathroom has to be one of the most popular trends back in the eighties. However, it has made a comeback again. If done right, this trend can have a huge impact on the entire look of the room. It can make your bathroom look elegant and extremely special. As it is obvious from the name, this trend makes use of one material for everything, be it ceiling, floor, or the walls. There is no doubt that tile is the most popular choice when it comes to bathroom renovations but you can always use other options such as concrete or plaster. In case you are feeling extra chic when incorporating bathroom trends for your space remodeling, you can consider adding graphic patterns for an eye-catching look.


Having a mirror in the bathroom is definitely a must-have, but using a statement mirror can be extremely impactful. This is a trend that can easily be incorporated into any bathroom with ease and is quite affordable. The majority of bathrooms are designed in a certain manner with a continuous series of straight lines, so adding a statement mirror with a unique design will add a playful feel. If you want to give your bathroom a fresh new look without breaking your budget, go for it.


Using marble for your bathroom is, was, and will be a luxurious trend that will remain forever, at least until the depletion of marble itself. Lately, the use of marble for bathroom floors and ceiling has been increased. Renovation experts are expected to use a lot of one-piece marble slabs this year. This trend might not be very budget-friendly but this lifelong trend will make your space stand out and will also help increase your property’s value. The best thing about marble is that it is a durable material that can last for ages. However, the designers recommend avoiding too many variations on the tiling. Going monochrome will make your bathroom look bigger. Too much color and patterns are out of fashion, plus it creates a chaotic environment.


When it comes to bathroom remodeling, updating bathroom tiles is quite common. The latest trend these days is using uniquely shaped tiles. There was a time when artisanal craftsmen used to do all the work by hand, thus they couldn’t give much design and shape to the tiles. However, things have changed now. With the invention of modern technology, manufacturers can create tiles of a variety of designs and shapes. You can use hexagon or diamond-shaped tiles for your bathroom to give it a harmonious look.


Incorporating wooden vanities is another popular trend that is being adopted by many people nowadays. A lot of homeowners are using wooden vanities in their bathrooms to create a calming feel in their space. The most loved furniture design for this part of the bathroom trend is the freestanding wooden vanity as it evokes old-age charm and a sense of warm loving family. If you are planning to give your bathroom a welcoming feel, then you ought to go with wooden vanities. Plus it will give you ample storage space. Moreover, painting the vanities with a mild color will enhance the entire appeal of the room.


Bathroom trends in 2021 are not just about the colors, they are a lot more than that. Experts have noted that a variety of fascinating textures can play a huge role in bathroom renovation. If you want your bathroom to give a middle-age vibe, then go for wood accents and terracotta tiles. This will help you evoke a cozy atmosphere in your bathroom which will add a homely feel.


Some of the smartest bathroom trends include floor heating systems and under-counter appliances. These amazing new trends not only add comfort to your bathroom but are also beneficial in increasing your property value. Although these trends require a big budget, this investment is worth it for the long run. Apart from under-floor heating and under-counter appliances, you can also enjoy the benefits of installing smart control to control the shower’s temperature with just a press of a button.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are quite popular as they bring a very comfortable old-world feel. After a tiring day, who wouldn’t like to relax in a comfy tub and enjoy the beautiful sculptured shapes? This is a bathroom trend worth considering and worth investing in.


Lightening is extremely important as it can change the energy of the room and can help bring everything together. One of the latest bathroom trends includes installing LED lights. They can produce a heart-warming glow. Above all, these lights are quite sustainable. LED lights use a lot less energy as compared to other lights and last longer. Go for it if you want to create a fresher and brighter look for your space.

Matte white fittings

A majority of people these days are getting matte white finishes, although it’s more about one’s taste. The minimal nature of the color works well in almost every bathroom, be it contemporary or traditional. Additionally, it’s better if you opt for a simple-looking vanity. In case if you are going for unique bathroom fittings then combine it with simpler tiles. However, if white is not your color then you can opt for black matte fitting which is quite trendy as well.

Go crazy on sinks

Now bathroom sinks are available in a variety of colors and shapes. You can choose atypical shapes, fun colors, and glossy sinks. If you want to have an outstanding look, then go for a fashionable color, maybe something like gold.

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