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Bathroom vanity ideas for compact spaces

Bathroom vanity ideas for compact spaces

Do you have a small bathroom? Even a small bathroom that is running short on space can look spacious and perfect with the right vanity in it. There are so many small vanity designs that bring plenty of style and storage to a compact space. Here are some of the small bathroom vanity ideas that will make a big statement without taking the entire space.

Modern small vanity

You can give your small bathroom a clean and simple look with modern silhouettes, shiny surfaces, and sleek designs. Go for a modern petite vanity that features a classy design that can tuck easily into a corner. These vanities have medicine cabinets that offer a lot of storage space. Moreover, the mirrored frame on the cabinet will add glam to your room. The walls of the vanity feature glossy tiles that reflect light, hence making a small bathroom appear bigger.

Freestanding small vanity

As compared to other vanities, a freestanding vanity appears to be more delicate and petite, therefore making it a perfect choice for small bathrooms. Opt for a unit that comes with lower shelf storage to give an open look. Moreover, you can use baskets to keep all your loose items neatly on the shelf.

A vanity with a lot of storage

When you have a small bathroom, using a vanity with a number of storage types can help you store all your bathroom necessities with ease. Make sure you look for a vanity that offers enough drawers and cabinets for various storage needs. See if there is enough space on the countertop and place some organizer to arrange toiletry items.

Vintage style small vanity

A lack of stage doesn’t mean you have to lack style. Tuck a gorgeous vintage-style vanity into a corner to give your tiny bathroom an elegant vintage look. Besides looking super stylish, an antique furniture-style vanity also offers a lot of storage for towels and toiletries.

Custom small vanity

When it comes to small bathrooms, a custom vanity is the best choice because it can be used to fill awkward corners with exact measurements. Plus, you can always go for a wider countertop that will give more room for your bathroom essentials. Getting a customized vanity with lots of hidden drawers and shelves can be extremely beneficial. Other than that, you can place an oversized mirror above the vanity to give a stylish touch.

Small vanity with wide and deeper drawers

A majority of bathroom vanities have an open area below them. It’s better to go with a space-savvy option, a vanity that offers wider and deeper drawers to keep all the bathroom necessitates out of sight and well organized. Additionally, this will allow you to dedicate each drawer to a different item, for example, one drawer for cosmetic and beauty tools, the other for towels, and so on.

Pedestal sink

A pedestal sink is an alternative for a classic vanity. However, a pedestal sink saves a lot of space in a small bathroom as compared to a classic vanity. All thanks to the slender base, even if the top of the pedestal sink is larger, the unit will still look small. To make up for the lost storage space, you can install a shelf and a cabinet above the sink.

Small vanity update

A small bathroom lacks space for adding any decorative elements. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make it look beautiful and lively. Get creative! Paint your small vanity in a bright color. This is the easiest way to update a small bathroom and it also allows to quickly update an old unit.

Floating small bathroom vanity

You can create an illusion of more space in a compact bathroom with the help of a large, uninterrupted flooring area. Get this look easily by choosing a floating bathroom vanity that appears to be floating above the tiles. Furthermore, you can add one large mirror or a number of small mirrors above the unit as it will reflect the space and trick the eye into thinking that the room is spacious.

Wall-mounted small bathroom sink

If you have a really small bathroom and you don’t need a lot of storage space, why not forego a vanity altogether? A wall-mounted small bathroom sink appears to float and gives an airy look to a tight space by freeing up the floor space below. For a shared bathroom, go for a sink that comes with two or three faucets and hang a large mirror that’s accessible from each faucet. For bath essentials, you can add a stool, and for towels, hang hooks nearby.

Small bathroom vanity placement

Placing a bathroom vanity in a corner is very beneficial. This way you have enough floor space and also give more storage options on the walls. You can capture the space on the sidewall by installing a cabinet there.

Open storage vanity

One must make use of all the spaces available in a small bathroom. Make sure you install your vanity in a corner, otherwise a lot of space will go unused. For accessible storage, opt for an open unit that has a shelf for a storage basket and a built-in towel bar.

Mirrored small bathroom vanity

The best vanities for a small bathroom are the ones that are both practical and attractive. A soft-colored freestanding cabinet with shiny mirrored doors is a great example. The mirrors help bounce light around the bathroom to visually expand the space. With a number of open shelves and a closed door storage area, the unit allows plenty of room for toiletries and bathroom essentials.

Cabinet-style vanity

Although a cabinet-style vanity takes a lot of space, its built-in drawers and shelves provide a lot of storage space. The recessed medicine cabinet and extra counter space allow the vanity to be used for storage. Paint the bulky vanity with a light color to avoid the huge unit from overwhelming the small room.

Round vanity

When you lack enough space, consider going for a uniquely shaped vanity. A small round unit takes up less space but offers a lot of storage underneath.

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