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A guide to buying vanities: Everything you need to know

A guide to buying vanities: Everything you need to know

Bathroom vanities can have a huge impact on the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Having the right vanity can improve the aesthetics of the space. This is mostly true when you are planning a bathroom renovation. Whatever you prefer, a contemporary or a traditional style, the right vanity can bring a dramatic change.

The best part is that there are a lot of options to choose from, both in terms of cost and design. You always have a style to choose from that can go with the ambiance of your bathroom. However, there are some other important factors as well that shouldn’t be ignored when bringing the vanity home.

Make space for a vanity

Do you know the exact size of your bathroom? You must know that it’s extremely important to know the space of your bathroom. There is no point in spending money on something that won’t even fit the bathroom or won’t look good.

Suppose, you saw a vanity in a market and you liked it. Stop! Don’t just buy it without proper knowledge about the space in your bathroom. All bathrooms are different, and so are their styling needs. If a vanity looks good in a bathroom you saw on Instagram, it’s not necessary that it will look good in your bathroom too. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, start by measuring your existing vanity. Take all the measurements, including height, width, and depth. These measurements will help you make the right decision about the kind of vanity that will go with your space.

Furthermore, make sure you measure the floor of your bathroom as well as it helps you know if the vanity will fit well in the current space. You may be planning to buy a bigger vanity this time, but the question is, does your current bathroom layout allow you to make such a big change? You must have all the measurements to answer this question.

Moreover, don’t forget to measure the space that gets occupied when the vanity doors and drawers are opened. This is a crucial point to note down. To enjoy a comfortable experience, it is compulsory to have enough space around the vanity in your bathroom. Just getting a pretty vanity is not enough. It should add value to your space and make things easier for you.

Choose between single and double vanity

It might not seem like a big thing but it’s an extremely important decision to make. Once again, whether to opt for a single or a double vanity depends largely upon the space available in your bathroom. There is no doubt that an expert designer can make a double vanity for a small bathroom but that will mean you’ll have to change the entire layout of your bathroom.

Double vanities are best for master bathrooms. They are preferred by families or couples who need access to enough space at the same time. A single vanity works best for a powder room or a guest bathroom where you don’t need much space.

Many people believe that a double vanity is better than a single vanity, but that’s not always true. Most of the time when space is less, a double vanity can be a headache, as it takes up most of the space. Plus, a double sink vanity takes up twice the space to accommodate under cabinet space and drain pipes as well. So make sure you know your bathroom well before buying a vanity. If you lack enough space, going for a single vanity will be an intelligent decision to make. However, if you have a master bathroom, feel free to keep your heart at a double sink vanity.

Who will be using it and how?

When choosing the vanity for your bathroom, ask yourself a question: who is going to use it, and how will they use it? If you have a family or live with your spouse, then you must consider getting a double sink vanity as you don’t want to crowd the area when getting ready for work. On the other hand, if you live alone but you need a couple of products to get ready, then your focus should be on having more counter space.

Your bathroom plumbing

Did you know your plumbing will have a big say in the kind of vanity you will get? While you can always move your plumbing, but that will cost a lot and maybe you don’t want to do that. As far as the style is concerned, the majority of plumbing hookups work well with standing vanities. However, if you want to opt for a wall-mounted vanity, then you will have to move your plumbing a little to make it work.

Your obstacles

You can change the style of your bathroom as much as you want by moving doors around, changing the plumbing, knocking down walls, etc. but remember, it will cost a lot. Before starting a project, it is important to look for all the obstacles you may face. Watch out where your door opens. If it opens inwards, then you must go for a vanity that won’t be hit by the door.

Also, consider how close the vanity is to your toilet because obviously, you don’t want to be bumped into it when rushing in. Moreover, adding a vanity should not disturb the traffic flow, and navigating around the room should not be affected. If you are having difficulty picturing this in your head, you can put a box in the bathroom that can act as vanity and see if there are any obstacles.

Storage space

Last but not least, storage is extremely important! You will need space to put all your bathroom essentials so the space looks organized. Before you make a final decision, know what kind of storage you actually need. You may have to give up some storage space to let the vanity fit in the room. Additionally, you’ll have to take plumbing into account as it may not go with the five rows of drawers.

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